Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dapper Does the Rose Bowl

While mosts sports fans in Abilene were at home watching the Rose Bowl, former KRBC sports director Michelle Dapper was on the sidelines taking in the action. Dapper now serves as the sports director for KEZI, the ABC affiliate in Eugene, Oregon.

As you can imagine, the Rose Bowl has been the top story in town for the last few weeks. However, the Ducks were left with disappointment when it was all said and done. Ohio State was able to defeat Oregon 26-17.

Michelle described the atmosphere in Pasadena as "amazing," and I'm sure it was. Check out her report from the Rose Bowl by clicking on this link:


  1. dallas cowboys 10
    oregan Ducks 0

  2. Thanks Big Country for the love!!
    I am having a blast in the Pacific Northwest covering 2 outstanding Division I schools in UO & OSU...
    The Rose Bowl is a memory I will never forget.