Sunday, December 20, 2009

Randy Turner Nails AHS Score Prediction

You hear sports personalities spouting out score predictions all the time. But how often do they get them right?

KRBC's Tyler Edwards and Rob Mooring weren't too far off on their AHS game predicitions. Tyler predicted a 20-14 win for AHS. Rob went with 35-17...which could've easily happened.

However, it was the man of many hats who came out on top in this contest. Anchor, chief meteorologist, and fortune teller Randy Turner correctly predicted a score of Abilene High 28, Katy 17.

It only took the humble Turner about 30 seconds to text me when the game ended to congratulate himself. In fact, that text may have arrived prior to the end of the game.

Either way, props have to go out to Randy for hitting the score right on the money!


  1. No way! Well, he does predict the future for a living.

  2. Howdy,
    Randy can predict anything and be sincere about it. I've seen lots of Randy Turner pictures, but this is the best of the best..

  3. Yeah, too bad it's fake. Good one, though.

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