Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Local News Needs Credits!

This is the second day this season that we've pulled ourselves straight out of bed and into the newsroom to keep you safe during icy weather conditions. And it's only early December!

Here's a picture of a few of us in our "no one is going to see me so no need to fix my hair" getup. Well, Tim Johnston jumped into the picture looking dapper. But he's on air.

I'm trying to count how many of us came in early this morning, in addition to the 12 or so people who are always here getting the morning shows on the air. I've counted 19.

We're shooting video, tracking accidents, editing video, going live, answering phones for school closings, answering phone calls from impatient people who want to know if schools have closed well before the schools have decided, updating the web site, updating the ticker, and coordinating it all.

So, a special thanks to the following people who came in early today --
  • Andrew Carlson - photographer
  • Kristi Drake - phones
  • Hope Ekwue - producer
  • Brandi Fordyce - phones, personnel coordinator
  • Marc "Goose" Gustafson - photographer
  • Stephanie Harris - anchor
  • Marchita Johnson - producer
  • Tim Johnston - reporter
  • Austin Kellerman - ticker, personnel coordinator
  • Laura Kellerman - website
  • Katherine Lane - reporter
  • Priscilla Luong - reporter
  • Mark Moseley - producer
  • Sam Nichols - meteorologist
  • Maria Oliver - reporter
  • Brittany Pelletz - reporter
  • Victor Sotelo - reporter
  • Angela Taylor - reporter
  • Randy Turner - meteorologist

Y'all are great! And expect to do it again soon. Blame it on El Nino!

(I also can't forget the people who work this shift every day -- and local news doesn't run credits!)
  • Chelsea Delz
  • Megan Dobbs
  • Kailey Franz
  • Joey Hardin
  • Pam Langford
  • Ron Rosseau
  • Richard Rushton
  • Jake Templeton
  • Chris Whited


  1. Sorry to step in your "We Don't Care About Appearance" picture, and ruin the theme. I was told to jump in by a certain personnel coordinator. All the same, thanks for the hard work, everyone. -Tim