Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Snuggie?? Really?!?!?

I'm definitely a night owl, and my work hours don't help. So it's only natural for me to watch more infomercials than television shows.

In my moments of dozing in and out on my couch, there's always a commerical I never seem to miss--the Snuggie.

Ahhh yes, the infamous Snuggie. I know people have written about this "blanket with a sleeve" before, but why is this thing still so popular?

I don't know about you guys, but my fingers get cold fast; and looking at the picture, this new blankie sure won't help me out. I guess there's a population suffering from cold arms that could benefit from this.

Even so, is it that difficult and painful to take your arms from under your blanket and change the channel or read a book? Seems like good ol' Snuggie's trying to make everyone even more lazy.

The funniest part of the commercial was how they advertised that you can wear it and go to outdoor gaming events to keep toasty. Ummm...I wouldn't wear this thing out of the house or I'm pretty sure people would ask me which cult I belonged to (or why I stole my church's choir robe).

I don't know. Call me crazy, but blankets are just fine for me.

Or maybe I really AM the crazy one because Sir Snuggie made a killing from this odd invention, and I'm stuck writing about it on a blog.

Makes me want to create my own frivolous invention that will have me blogging all the way to the bank. Patent Pending...


  1. I can't even lie, I almost got one. Not for me, but for the wife as a surprise since she sits on the couch with her blanket on. Good thing I didn't surprise her with it because I learned later that she thinks they are hideous!

  2. See, if a bunch of people wear these "to the game" as advertized, they are going to look like a cult lol. But seriously, if you must buy a Snuggie, please keep it in the house--and don't buy a matching one for Rover.

  3. Blanket with sleeves??? How about a sweater!! They a LOST CAUSE!!

  4. Oh I'm slow...clearly Hope already meantioned the cult reference. Well, great minds think alike! (Yes, I did not read this blog in it's entirety lol. For reasons like this, I will read every word of your next blog.)

  5. I got a Snuggie from a relative for Christmas. It's so thin and really staticky. If I want to we warm and keep my arms free I'll just wear my bathrobe backwards!

  6. My name is Katie Lynn and the snuggie is amazing and my family loves it. I got one for my son John Paul and my daughter Lilly and they sleep in it every night. My husband Rex is against the idea he cuddles inside of the snuggie with me so he does not dislike it that much. You guys keep doing great shows and i will keep watching. :)

  7. Thanks so much for everyone's comments!
    And Laura, I second the backwards robe. We should cash in on it!

  8. I got a Snuggie for Christmas and I LOVE it...P.S. My dog got one too and she LOVES her pink snuggie!

  9. I actually tried the backwards robe thing. It works great. It's like a more comfortable hospital gown.