Sunday, January 17, 2010

And We're Off...Wait, Nevermind

WOW! I've always heard stories about being ready in this ever-changing news world, but to be honest, nothing has been this wild. In the last 24 hours, I've gone from covering the Joe Rangel trial, to breaking news of a 14 year old boy getting burned by an exploded paint can (told he's doing better), to getting a call to leave with Dyess Airmen bound for Haiti.

[Deep Breath]

I was on the scene for a live shot, at ten o'clock, where I made the casual joke to KTAB's Katherine Lane about getting "the call" (we were told Thursday to standby for the call to go with Dyess). She laughed, we did our live shots...then BAM! "The call" came. So we broke away from the scene grabbed our gear and our pre-packed bags, all while frantically calling family, friends, and co-workers to tell them of the latest news.

[Exhale Deep Breath]

So here's, the life we've lived since. We arrived at Dyess at 11. Left after 1, still not knowing what we were going to do, and for how long (common theme, take note). Landed at base in Carolina, at 5:30 Am, and crashed in bed.

Now this trip wasn't that easy, the flight on a C-130 was no "easy" task, our Airmen might disagree. The flight consists of sitting on a makeshift canvas seat, equipped with seat belt, and midway through soon became our cots for sleeping. Not the easiest thing to do, needless to say, I tossed and turned and was tossed and turned by turbulence...

So we arrive, and are told we'd leave sometime later Saturday night. We rested, ate, and prepped for a late night departure.

Only the pilot came down ill...plans begin to shift....will we leave, tonight? Will we leave, at all?

Plans shift again.

We are now set, as I write this, to get a new Herc (AF slang for C-130, I'm picking up on what I can), with a new crew and are looking to set out for Haiti, later tonight (still Saturday, for those keeping score).

It's been wild, but these boys from Dyess are taking good care of us, and keep a positive attitude through this all. I guess, they just keep the mission in mind, and right now it's all about helping those in desperate need in Haiti.

***Okay, after writing this blog post on Saturday, and looking to post it, things changed AGAIN! Just so you know. We’re told TODAY is THE day…Fingers crossed.

It's apparent, you must be flexible because in a moment's notice you're either going on not. For now, we are. I'll update as soon as we can, maybe even with video, Wi-Fi isn't always readily available...

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