Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TV news without the teleprompter

There was a little problem with our teleprompter Monday morning. There was nothing there. We had to do Daybreak the old-fashioned way...reading if from the paper in front of us. It was odd, and you may have noticed us looking down more than usual. There were no words on the screen, and we get used to reading the words flashed on the series of mirror images that appear at the lens. It made it a little more of a challenge, but we had the news and weather to present. The best we could hope for is that you didn't notice. If you did notice, we did our best. The teleprompter was working again this morning.


  1. I did notice, Ron...I did notice. *shakes head down in shame* lol just kidding. It happens!

  2. Those were always the best mornings! Miss ya partner!