Friday, January 29, 2010

My Bout With Jack Frost (but he hasn't seen the last of me...)

While most of you guys are at home sleeping and waiting to see if your school/business is closed or delayed, there's a group of people that go to work before sunrise to make sure you stay in the know. That's where I come in. Or at least...where I'm supposed to.

My job this morning was to make sure you see the lovely KTAB reporters that freeze their tails off to give you a live report on the weather and road conditions. Little did I know that I would be the one left to freeze...with no lights or cameras. (By the way, while I was writing this blog, the power in my apartment suddenly shut off, so I know this day is off to a great start.)

I got a call from my boss saying I needed to be in around 6 o' clock. Sure!

I hopped out of bed, got ready, headed out the door, unlocked my car with a press of a button, started to pull the door handle, but the door wouldn't budge! No biggie. I'll just go back in my apartment and get some water and an ice scraper.

Take two: Armed with my water bottle and a scraper, I started to tackle my ice problems again. I watered down my door and chipped off some ice, but still no progress. You can't beat me, Jack Frost, I'll just open up one of the other three doors and slide my way to the driver's seat. But first, I needed to retreat back into my apartment because the bitter cold plus my wet hands and clothes equaled what felt like a frost bite.

Take three: With my gloves in tow and a fresh batch of water, I started to water down all of my doors. Scrape, scrape, chip, chip...STILL NOTHING?!?? At that point, I felt a bit perturbed because I've already seen three other people go to their cars, get in with ease, and drive off into the darkness. (Mind you, because of where I parked, each driver had to blast their headlights at me while I tried to avoid looking foolish). Mr. Frost was making a joke out of me, so I had to regroup and run back into my apartment. Plus, I couldn't feel my fingers or toes again.

Take four: About 25 minutes had passed since my first try. I called my boss to let her know why I was running late (which I'm sure sounded more like "my doggie ate my homework"). When I hung up the phone, my de-icing routine turned into 'Operation Open Up.' Ice scraper? check! More water? check! Let's do this!

My original "scrape, scrape, chip, chip" turned into "scrape, chip, kick, hit, kick, scream!"
With numb fingertips, a possible bruised hip, and a slightly damaged paint job, I got a call from my boss.

"Hello? Umm...yeah....still can't get in. No, I'm still outside of my apartment. Alright." ::click:: She told me to give it up and go back inside.

Oh the shame! I'm not that worker who calls in! I usually pull off any situation, but the ice on my car today was no joke (and what's crazy is that the roads around my area had no serious ice issues). Oh well, I guess there's always a lesson with each passing day.

Prior to this incident, I'd hear about freezing temperatures and think everyone was just overreacting. "What's a few hours of cold weather gonna do?" Now I'm starting to think the weather people actually know what they're talking about.

Just wish I didn't have to learn it this way....


  1. Oh darling that sounds so tragic, i loved your last blog about the snuggie. You should have your own little segment on the news girl "Hope's Daily Thoughts". Well i had the same problem today too. Me and Jeb went to open our 93 ford taurus and darnit Jeb broke the handle because the gosh darn door was frozen shut. I messed up my brand new knit sweater too that i knit for me, Jeb, and our dog so that we can match. Of course Jeb is happy because he did not like it but at least me and the dog, Bam Bam, can still match. Have a blessed day.

  2. It's a mistake to use water. It may temporarily clear the ice, but in reality, with the freezing temperatures, the new water just freezes, which makes your situation worst. The only thing that works is a heat, such as a hair dryer, but I assume an outlet wasn't available. Side note: Never, ever throw warm water on a frozen windshield. (From a displaced Northerner)

  3. Bless your heart. You tried so hard, sugar! Well I wouldn't expect nothing less from KTAB-just as hardworking as all get out. Well what's the update? Did you get into your car, dear?

  4. My power was out too. I just love the way you write. It's like a real journal entry. I even read the whole blog this time :) Great story, Hope!

  5. I actually JUST woke up from my tiring feat, and thought I'd check out the online news before I went in to work.

    No fairy tale ending here. I did NOT get into my car. So hopefully I'll have no problems as I head to work in the next few minutes.

    @ Brenda-Ann: I'm a Northerner too, so luckily I knew the do's and don'ts about ice. I just couldn't do them. ha!

    Thanks for your well wishes, everyone!

  6. Sounds like you failed to provide "coverage you can count on"

  7. Seems like a whole bunch of complaining to ME!!!....HEY GRANNY, SUCK IT UP!!!! If your job (which you do get paid for) entails providing me with the news then get to work with it. All this "My hands are cold", "The ice is unscrapable", "MY CHEST IS HOT"....Back in my day, there were no power locks. You young kids have it good now a days. All this complaining...just a lost cause!!!

  8. Well you did more than what I would have....After the first attempt I would have took a nice 30 minute break.......A good power nap!! If i worked for the news like you did i would have to say "THIS JUST IN.....IM NOT COMING IN"

  9. lol @ last THAT'S breaking news! Get some rest, girlie!

  10. Anonymous January 29, 2010 1:58 PM:
    You're crabby! Find something better to do. Nice blog Hope!

  11. I'm glad you didn't try to pull it too hard. My door was stuck shut with ice a couple of years ago and I broke the handle off!

  12. I did a stupid thing this last snow here in abilene wel i stuck my toung on a pole out side
    and beleive me people you really get stuck so next time try it