Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Bumped is Hard to Do...But It's for a Good Cause

If you've seen the Twitter updates (which I'm still learning to make), you've no doubt seen the back and forth emotions and plans we've gone through. It's been a wild ride, but I'm seeing the best of these men and women as they re-group and readjust to follow the orders given.

While it's been tough to stay on edge since Thursday, when we learned this trip was possible, I'm learning to be flexible. I touched on that in my first's even more true, now. Although, I'm also learning to see the greater good being served, each time we get scratched from a flight.

Recap: We've been scheduled and rescheduled on 8 different flights now... Kinda tough to see the whole number there...But it's important that you know why we've been bumped from each of these flights: The crew, and the supplies.

For several flights, the plans have changed because of crew rest and health. That's fair, they work so hard, they need their rest. I'm in no position to grant that, but I certainly support it.

However, on two flights now we've been scratched simply because the plane was too full, and that is a good thing!! Each flight has been packed full of supplies and trucks to use by the military to get the goods to the people in need.

Sure it's a challenge trying to keep up with the latest plans, but when I weigh out the good that can and will be done with simply one C-130 fully loaded with supplies, I can take the heartache.

It's so cool to see the planes being stocked from front to back with palettes of water and medical supplies. Don't worry we taped the whole process, and courtesy the wifi at Starbucks you should be able to see that video on the news tonight. (crossing fingers)

Anyway, that has been one of the many conversations we (the media crew and Dyess PAs) have had as we analyze the many ups and downs of this trip. Still, the relief is coming, and THAT is encouraging.

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