Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Day, A New Delay

By: Katherine Lane

So far, the trip can be summed up with one word: Delayed. I have to say, the stress of these delays has been a little much, but every time I get worried about making it to Haiti at all, I remember we're being delayed for the greater good of the Haitian people.

In the time spent between delays, I've had a BLAST. Every time I've felt like we were not going to be able to eat or get to Haiti at all, someone in the Air Force has come through for us! When we were told today at the hotel that the nearest food establishment was a 2 mile walk away, a car miraculously appeared from the Base Commanders office to take us to the BX (like a food court + Dillards + Wal-Mart and all Duty-Free!)

Right now, I am sitting in a Florida Starbucks, uploading video and establishing a game plan for the rest of the day. We are so fortunate to have found a ride with a sweet Air Force Inn employee who brought us straight here! Another fine example of how well we've been treated!

Currently, our plan is to hang out in the Inn's lobby until we get picked up at 1:30 am to be taken to the Flight Line where we will board a C-130 and head to Haiti around 4am.

I hope this plan will stick, I'm anxious to see our Airmen at work doing something they are all so ready and prepared to do. Sweet dreams, everyone! Hopefully while you are sleeping soundly, we will be Haiti-bound!

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