Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is a Doe to Do?

As football season approaches, our men get this certain wiggle. I think it's the only time that my husband and my dog resemble each other. Wiggling their little butts and panting... and then, once that bone comes, chomping down as hard as they can and severely growling at anyone who threatens to take it away.

I imagine it's the same for women during deer season. My husband doesn't really hunt, but other family members do. So, what is a doe to do during deer season?

Stephanie Harris brought this point up in the newsroom yesterday -- women have to find something to do when our bucks are away. Maybe it's girl time. Maybe it's time spent getting chores and projects done that can't be tackled while the men are around.

This year, my husband is participating in the annual hunting weekend held by the men on my side of the family. I strongly encouraged him to go along for two reasons. No. 1, I think he needs some male bonding time and I'd like to think that the men who share my flesh and blood are good guys to bond with. No. 2, I want my mom to come visit me for a girls' weekend! We've never spent a weekend alone, that I can remember. But, with dad, husband, brothers, uncles, cousins all holed up in a little ranch house for the weekend, we get to have our alone time! Can you tell I'm excited?

So what about you? Let me know what you get to do during deer season that you wouldn't otherwise be able to. Leave a comment here, or email me a picture at lkellerman@bigcountryhomepage.com and I'll post it!

Actually, I'll give a girly little prize to the most fun, creative or interesting submission. Can't wait!


  1. I catch up on as many LifeTime Movies as I can.If I am not doing that, I might make a cake or a batch of cookies. Shopping is not to high on my list(Yes ladies, I did say that ....lol!)so, surfing the Web and catching up on house cleaning would come in second for me. Most of all, it is just a time to relax and enjoy the quiet time.

  2. Mmm cookies! Good idea for my girls weekend.

  3. A mother/daughter weekend would be at the very top of my list!

  4. I can't really comment on this because I am one of those few women hunters, but I do think its a great time for some women to spend quality time with their mothers for some mother/daughter time! For me, as a mother of 4 youngsters (Ages 1,3,5,6) its about getting to the deer stand for some nice peace and quite, all why tryin to beat my husband there, of course! Great blog!