Monday, November 23, 2009

Same-Sex Homecoming Court

Students at the University of North Texas, my alma mater, are deciding whether same sex couples should be allowed to run for homecoming court.

Voting ended Friday afternoon, and results are expected some time today.

The Student Association Guidelines currently state that a homecoming couple must be a male and female. After protests and heated discussions over the school's nearly 120-year old tradition, it was decided that students should vote on the issue.

A yes decision would make the University of North Texas one of the first schools to allow the crowning of a same sex couple.

In my opinion, tradition aside, let's talk about fairness. Homecoming kings and queens aren't couples to begin with. They do run as pairs, though. For instance, you don't pick your favorite man and your favorite woman, you have to vote on one pair. Let's say you have a man/man pair that wins, that's not fair because no woman gets to be represented that year.

What do you think about it? (Note: I will not tolerate any hateful comments.)



  1. I think it's great that they are even putting the issue to a vote! A huge step forward for Texas in equality issues!

  2. With all due respect, this whole issue of "Gay" is a choice. With that choice comes rewards and consequences.

    Nobody is telling a Gay man that he can't run for Homecoming King, and nobody is telling a Gay woman that she can't run for Homecoming Queen.

    However, the negative issues that come as a result of one choosing to submit to a Gay lifestyle is just that. It's reality. Please stop trying to force people to condone your made the decision live with it, or seek counseling and recovery to turn back to a straight life.

    This is not hate, this is true love. I have lived with many who are and have been gay, but who made a choice to reject the gay lifestyle.

    What I have discovered is that those within the Gay and Lesbian community are some of the most hateful and mean people, especially to someone who is trying to turn their lives around and join the Straight community.

    Please, if the Gay and Lesbian community wants to be tolerated, which I believe they are, then they need to do their part and tolerate the Straight community.

    I also like the view of this blog and support this is not fair to have two woman serve as King/Queen of Homecoming, as men would not be fairly represented...neither is it fair to have two men serve as King/Queen of Homecoming as there would be no woman represented.

    My personal view, if you want progress, then seek recovery and reject the Gay/Lesbian community...all it takes is to continue to love your friend of the same gender. No problem with that...but you must also stop having sexual interactions with those of the same gender.

    Best wishes to all of you as you sort through your own views on life.

  3. Update: Students voted "no" on the referendum.

    About 13 percent of the students voted, and the outcome was 58 to 42 percent, according to the NT Daily.

    Some are now pushing to have the homecoming king and queen nominees run as individuals instead of a pair, and I'm all for that!