Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Person Can Make a Difference

In the news business, it's not uncommon for journalists to come across or cover stories about the less fortunate. In fact, it's probably the norm. After awhile, we can sadly become desenitized to those in need. We're so used to seeing stories like theirs that we no longer feel the emotions we should or once did. It's an unfortunate reality of our position...and one we should work to overcome.

It's also not uncommon for someone to return from a story and say something like, "man, they really need help" or "that was sad." What isn't common is someone actually doing something about it. It takes time, energy, leadership, and work you wouldn't otherwise have to do. Who has time for that? Katherine Lane does...

After covering a story about Abilene's homeless population trying to cope with triple digit heat, she decided we should do something about it. She marched into my office with a plan for a heat relief drive. My initial thought: that takes time, energy, and extra work. Do I really want to do that? Bottom line: that's extra work for a lot of people. I told Katherine to put her ideas on paper along with a timeline. I half hoped she'd forget. Thankfully, she didn't.

She did exactly what I asked...broken down by each day...and how we'd get each little thing done. Katherine took the initiative to rally other folks in the building to get behind the effort. She became the organizer and leader of this effort. Whether I wanted to give in our not, I didn't have a choice. Her energy and enthusiasm were contageous. KTAB was going to do a heat relief drive for the homeless.

Watching Katherine at work Wednesday was a pleasure. She saw a need in our community and she was doing something about it. Our newsroom makes me proud all the time. Sometimes it's landing the big story....other times it's helping out someone in the newsroom in a crunch....other times it's going above-and-beyond to make our broadcasts the best they can be. But today, I couldn't remember a time when I was more proud of a member of our team.

We all get caught up in life's daily grind and often forget to think about what's important in life. We could all use a reminder everyone once in awhile. Today, Katerine gave that to us.

Of course, it wasn't all Katherine. A special thanks to everyone who responded to her call and brought by items for Love and Care Ministries to distribute. You guys always come through!


  1. You are amazing sweet Katherine. Thanks for working so hard:)

  2. I want to thank you for meeting the homeless people's needs. I have a family member who is homeless in a far off state and I always pray that there are others like you who are out there making a difference in their lives. They ARE someone's child---whether they are 8 or 88 years old. May the good Lord bless you, my friend.

  3. Sometimes we lose sight of the most important which is so basic - human care. What a testimony to your station, your staff and especially Katherine who pushed it through. You all should be so proud for doing something so good. Please keep up the good work.

  4. Our family has enjoyed watching Katherine Lane on KTAB. After knowing her for several years now I am not surprised at her strong commitment to her new career and community.

    Great job Katherine!

    Geanna Cutbirth

  5. Katherine, did it hurt when you fell down
    from heaven Angela and you make my day.

  6. I love you Angela