Wednesday, July 8, 2009

McCartney Returns to Texas

One of music's last great megastars will perform in Texas again. Paul McCartney is set for an August 19 concert at Cowboys stadium. Tickets go onsale July 20.

I was fortunate enough to attend a McCartney concert in 1999 (or something like that) at Reunion Arena. It was amazing. It was like experiencing a lesson in music history. To date, it's been the best concert I've attended.

I always hoped to go to a Michael Jackson concert one day. A Jackson concert might have been able to top McCartney. That never happened.

McCartney may now be music's biggest living legend. Just like we'll never see another Michael Jackson, we'll probably never see another Beatles. That's why this will be an unforgettable concert experience.


  1. McCartney kicked off his 1976 "Wings Over America" tour at Tarrant County Convention Center. McCartney and Wings spent the previous two weeks practicing at the Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth. My friend Billy Sprague (who wrote "Via Dolorosa") and I saw that show together, and it was probably the greatest concert I ever saw. I will not even try to go to this upcoming show, but anyone who goes will not be disappointed.

  2. what does mccartny and krbc news have in comon