Friday, June 26, 2009

Music's Last Great Icon

There have been only a few elite acts that have changed the face and future of the music industry: The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson.

Jackson has influenced more current artists than anyone else. The name Michael Jackson is probably better known than Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, or Pope Benedict. When he announced that he'd do dozens of shows in London, he sold them all out in minutes.

What current artist could do that? Madonna? Justin Timberlake? U2? Beyonce? George Strait? There isn't one.

The greatest concert I attended, and may ever attend, was Paul McCartney. It was a history lesson. It was a trip through music history. It was an experience. How could a single group produce so many hits? How did they change and influence music over the years...and remain relevant?

Some would argue there was nothing relevant about Michael Jackson anymore. It's certainly been awhile since he's produced a hit. However, I think we're rediscovering Jackson's relevance in his death.

I'm not sure that we'll ever see an artist who influenced so many other artists or had the ability to draw crowds like Michael Jackson. I'm not sure we'll ever see an artist whose music can stand the test of time as Jackson's did. I'm not sure we'll ever see or experience another icon like "The King of Pop."

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