Thursday, June 25, 2009

Addicted to Reality TV?

Thank goodness “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here”, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and “Jon and Kate Plus 8” are off the air for awhile. Hopefully now, I’ll quit sitting in front of the television every night!

Lately, I’ve spent my Mondays flipping between “I’m A Celebrity…” and “Jon and Kate.” I’ll admit, there’s no reason to watch “Jon and Kate” when they aren’t talking about their relationship. I don’t care about Jon visiting the guys from Orange County Chopper or the kids cooking with Emeril. Based on ratings, I don’t think I’m alone.

Tuesday, I move onto “I’m a Celebrity” and NJ Housewives. The girls of New Jersey are particularly interesting and insane. Mafia connections? I think so. I’ll have the DVR rolling tonight for part 2 of the reunion tonight. I’m interested to see why the rock of the group, Caroline, breaks down like a schoolgirl after skinning her knee. I just heard some buzz in the newsroom that a Danielle sex tape is out there and may be released soon. Geez! Sounds like these housewives will be back for a second season.

Wednesday, it’s onto “I’m a Celebrity” and “Top Chef: Masters.” I like seeing these celebrity chefs struggle. It’s not so easy, huh? Back in the day, I hated Top Chef but have quickly grown to love it. It was painful seeing Tim Love struggle like he did a couple weeks ago. We’ve been to a couple of his restaurants in Fort Worth. He seems like a great chef, but it’s definitely not easy when you’re given a challenge.

As far as "I'm a Celebrity..." goes, I think the right person won last night. Lou Diamond Phillips did a great job throughout the competition. Torrie Wilson also brought it. Hopefully, they get a better group of celebrities next year so more people watch it. If not, that could be the end of that reality show.

So now that the reality fever is over, I wonder what’s next. Will I find a new show? Will I find a hobby? We’ll see…

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