Wednesday, April 8, 2009

High Heel Shoes Don't Pair Well with Breaking News

Yesterday when I heard that there was a fire in Callahan County, and that we could see the smoke from here, I knew we had to stream it live online.

It's a great way to bring news to viewers before the news comes on without interrupting soap operas or whatever happens to be on at the time.

We've had so many fires lately, the "breaking news on the web" drill has become second nature. You -- send out a breaking news alert. You -- type up something on the ticker to tell people to go to the web site. You -- run down the hallway and hook up the video from the truck to the live video page. That last "you," the one that involves running down the hallway, that's me.

Murphy's law states that if I wear high heels there will be breaking news.

Yesterday, however, it wasn't just high heels. My legs are incredibly sore from a class I took at the gym. I also sit behind a desk all day, so hopping up and running is no easy task! But, we got it on the web within minutes and we were able to give our viewers/users current information about an important news event.

And I need the exercise.

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