Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are traditionally difficult for news reporters. Many people enjoy slow weekends. That's good for families and communities, but it makes it difficult to write a visually exciting newscast. We report the most important events from the day before and try to make it move quickly and smoothly. We also put in national economic stories and other national events that we believe the viewers care about. Television is all about video and video that peaks our interest also peaks the interest of the viewers. It's a challenge, but the slow pace of most weekends is one of the most important reasons why I chose to live and work in Abilene and give my family the peace and stability of a small West Texas community.


  1. And we are glad you chose to be with us, Ron!
    God bless always,

    Tony & Barb Rogers

  2. get rid of bob barlett