Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cowboys Look Like a Real Team!

I hope to see my first game in the new Cowboys stadium later this year. After the game against the Chiefs, I figured I’d wait a few more weeks before I tried to buy tickets. I presumed the team would lose a few games, and I could snag a pair of tickets on ebay for dirt cheap once the team’s playoff chances were crushed. Based on how the Cowboys had been playing, I was nearly sure it would happen.

Today, a different team showed up in Arlington to challenge a strong (4-1) Atlanta Falcons team. Those “dirt cheap” tickets may cost a little more.

After the game’s opening drive, I figured the defense didn’t show up. However, they got into a rhythm and looked just as good as I’ve seen all season. We were pressuring Falcon’s QB Matt Ryan all afternoon and forced him to throw a couple interceptions. Hopefully, the defense saw what it was capable of and gained some confidence.

With the exception of Roy Williams, the team’s offense looked great. Tony Romo was completing passes, Miles Austin was running all over the place, and Jason Garrett seemed to remember Jason Witten is the league’s best tight end and deserves to be involved in the game plan. Even Patrick Crayton, who spent most of the week complaining he’d be benched, got in the end zone twice! And, it was great to see our three-headed monster in the backfield together again. Today, the offense looked just about unstoppable.

Still, what’s up with all these penalties? Wade Phillips has to get his team focused. We could’ve score 50 points if it weren’t for the endless yellow flags being tossed out by the officials. Usually, it was for something as basic as a false start or encroachment. Pathetic….

As for Roy Williams? He needs to step it up and be a player. Right now, he’s nothing more than a distraction who might catch 4 balls for 60 yards on a good day. Is he capable of being great? Maybe. But right now, he isn’t. We either need to start looking for another receiver to compliment Austin and Witten or get some of our other players involved. Despite two touchdowns today, I don’t think Patrick Crayton is the answer. He’s just not consistent. I think we’d be better if we did more with Martellus Bennett. We finally got him the ball today and he seemed to do well with it. Tashard Choice also looked great running routes out of the backfield. However, we need another playmaking receiver. I just have a bad feeling that Williams and his health won’t last the season.

Next week, it’s the Seattle Seahawks. Should be easy, right? I guess that’s probably why it won’t be.

For at least one week, the Cowboys looked like a playoff team…and it was fun to watch!


  1. Next week will be all over.

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