Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Billie Dunn Backs Out of Web Chat

There was no web chat with the mother of Hailey Dunn Monday evening as previously advertised. Thirty minutes before the web chat was set to begin, Billie Dunn backed out.

I think we’d all admit the move isn’t exactly shocking. It may be a little disappointing – but not entirely all that surprising.

When we originally planned this concept, we thought it would be a great way for many of the Dunn case followers from across the nation to conveniently get their questions answered by Hailey’s mother. The idea had harmless intentions.

Just a few days after announcing the chat, Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs released the information that child pornography and images depicting bestiality were found in the Dunn home. Billie accepted our request for an interview that day regarding the discovery. At the time, she discussed Monday’s web chat and seemed to indicate she was looking forward to it.

Hours later, she turned down HLN’s Nancy Grace – something that she’s never done before.

At some point thereafter, we found out was no longer appearing at Sunday’s rally in Mansfield.

It didn’t look like Billie Dunn was going to be the open book she once was….

However, she confirmed to KTAB’s Priscilla Luong on Monday afternoon that she was still on board for the web chat. Priscilla described her as tentative if not scared. Still, Priscilla reminded her that we had promoted the event and people were counting on it to happen.

Hours before the event was set to take place, hundreds of people were already in the chat room asking questions and throwing around theories. Admittedly, there were things in there that a grieving mother didn’t need to see. I took a call from a woman who asked how we planned to moderate the room. I told her we’d be removing comments and deleting users that didn’t remain respectful of the situation. Her response: so you’re going to kick everyone out?

At that point, we decided Billie didn’t need to look at the chat room during the course of the event. Maria Oliver, who you might remember from KRBC, would view all the questions and ask the relevant ones. Maria is very familiar with the case and would’ve done a good job. But, we wouldn’t get that far…

Maria stopped by the Dunn homes shortly after 4 p.m. to go over some ground rules for the chat and discuss exactly how things would take place. She tells me Billie came to the door and said she wasn’t going to take part in the chat. Billie said she was going out of town with relatives and she didn’t want them to have to wait on her. Billie quickly closed the door and went back inside the home.

Maria returned shortly thereafter in an attempt to get Billie to explain, on camera, why she pulled out of the event. This time, Billie didn’t come to the door.

I know people have already read into this – what does it mean? why did she really back out? what is she hiding? I can’t really blame her for backing out. If I were in her shoes, I might have done the same thing. However, I don’t think I would’ve agreed to it in the first place.

In the end, this doesn’t hold any significance in the much bigger picture of safely bringing Hailey home. You can label it another small surprise in what has been a case loaded with twists, turns, and sometimes stunning developments.

To those of you hoping to take part, our apologies for the inconvenience.


  1. I suppose she didn't really go out of town then. I knew she would never go on that chat! She sure let a lot of people down, even those few who still support her.

  2. I still think there is more to this story... I am so sadden for Hailey, I pray she is found soon... I also pray whom ever is responsible is filled with so much guilt they are overwhelmed and turn themselves in.

  3. And just hours after backing out of the live chat, she announces she is going to be interviewed by, Bring Them Home... I don't think anything she has to say at this point, would even be close to the truth..

  4. Backed out because of G U I L T.....she knows the answers but won't spill them...now.

    Actually, everytime she opens her mouth....both feet are in up to her knees.


  5. It seems to me that most people have taken Hailey under their wing... Something Billy is unwilling to do for her own daughter, yet protects Shawn to NO end... It's very clear that she has chosen who she want wants to be with.. and it isn't her childern..!!
    I'm glad the chat happened..with or without her.. people got to express their feelings, and got alot of the aggression out of their systems... Again, she chose who she wants to be with, the #1 suspect of her daughters demise/death. I have ZERO empathy for her.!!!

    I'm sure that LE will be awarding her some new jewelry soon... and I hope she gets to show it off on camera...!!!!! Thanks for the live chat!

  6. I said Billie shouldn't have agreed to a live chat, I know who is important in her life not David or Haley because a Mother who is standing by her kids would not believe anything Shawn says and how could anyone if they wasn't guilty even have any use or talk to someone who said I knew where Haley is . [ But I suppose if you are guilty you have to not turn over the apple cart