Thursday, February 3, 2011

End Times: Are We in Them & Can We Predict When It Will Happen?

Tonight (Thursday) there is a story focusing on "The End Times" aka "Judgement Day."

I have my personal beliefs, which I will decline to share at this time, but I sought out many perspectives for this story.

We've become familiar with predictions ranging from the end of the winter solstice (The Mayan Calendar Theory), to Nostradamus, even the predictions from local sect leader, Yisrayl Hawkins.

This is a topic that consumes many minds, and many people have different beliefs based on religious texts and prophecies by many others. This web site, breaks down many different theories, some that have come and gone, others that are still ahead.

Without starting a religious war, here, leave your thoughts, and please be respectful of others opinions.. Ready, Set, Comment!


  1. I believe that each person will know in there hearts what is happening and why. Jesus has chosen his army and his disciples. They will come from all walks of life, some poor some rich. But what you will notice is that they walk with god.. in his spirit. Humans will have to choose,do they believe in god or,will they walk away from him. What will you do? and better yet, what have you been doing with the blessing god gave you, your life through the blood of his only begotten son Jesus..Jehovah..Christ..the I and the Am.. The I AM...God.

  2. We found the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11.

  3. The end will happen when the sun runs out of fuel, long after humans have gone extinct.

  4. This is ridiculous. I am a Christian and believe in the end times.. and maybe this is appropriate for your own private blog, but calling this a "story" and airing it on the news is a joke. Your "many perspectives" are a couple of pastors, a Hollywood movie and a highway billboard?? There are numerous threads on Facebook questioning the journalistic integrity of your news program airing such an asinine spot. I have been assured by a childhood friend who works at KTXS that their program would never air such drivel and so I will be changing news providers, along with quite a few friends of mine.

  5. YOU are just adding fule to the fire. This is a ridicules topic to have on a news cast. Why not spot light some of our airmen to show respect to them on how they protect our world not how it's going to end. We all know it's going to end .....
    I am a Christain and the Bible teaches us not to dwell on what will come to be prepard by his teachings ,but not to frett and scare people.