Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bossier The Christmas Dog

If you're a pet owner, you know dogs can cost you a lot of money.

While we're forking over big bucks for their food, health care, grooming, boarding and toys, what are they doing to contribute to the family income and pay their part?

Absolutely nothing.

They won't do the dishes, never seem to help with laundry, and refuse to get a paper route.

This weekend, it was fun to see my dog finally contribute -- and to charity, at that!

On Saturday, I decided to head out to the Southwest Drive Walmart and help out with the bell ringing battle. I figured if a handful of employees were going to be there volunteering their time, I probably should too. Last year, we brought our dog for a little while and dressed him in a Santa outfit that he absolutely despises. However, people seemed to like it. And if they liked it, they were more likely to drop money in the red kettle to benefit the Salvation Army.

I couldn't decide whether to bring Bossier this year. As soon as I pulled out the red suit, he cowered and tried to hide. However, my wife talked him out of his fit.

"Bossier, if you refuse to get a job and do any chores around here," she said in a scolding and forceful manner, "The least you could do is help charity!"

So, Bossier reluctantly put on his Santa suit and trotted off to the car.

When we got to Walmart, the KRBC side was pretty well staffed, but Victor Sotelo stood alone on Team KTAB. It was clear Bossier would be Vic's donation wing man.

It didn't take long for the kids (and adults!) to start gathering around him -- and with the attention came donations.

Bossier eventually came out of his comotose state of depression caused by the costume and became a somewhat playful version of himself. You might say this was a job he enjoyed.

In the end, Team KTAB won. Team KRBC's Chris Whited pointed to one reason for the defeat: Bossier the Christmas dog.

Maybe Bossier helped push them over the top, maybe not...

Either way, I'm proud of Bossier the Christmas dog. It's about time he did something to contribute to society!

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