Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stamford Situation Brings Back Bad Memories

The following blog post was written by KRBC Executive Producer Mark Moseley:

It's absolutely unbelievable. Shocking, really, that in 2010, you could imagine anyone spouting something like it.

That was how I reacted to the racist "Song of the South" recording that our newsroom received Monday afternoon. An excerpt:

Cotton on the roadside
Cotton in the ditch
Pick that cotton, you black son of a b****
Pretty shameful. And the fact that it was attributed to a school district superintendent made it all the more shocking. It's no wonder that residents of Stamford are angry at this. Residents are saying it's not the first incident of alleged racism in that city. Either way, a lot of people are upset, and it's clear that a conversation needs to be had on race relations in that city. But before that happens, this song business should be cleared up. And that can be done with a simple Google search.

Look up "song of the south racist version ringtone". The very first result is the exact same song that you heard on our news Monday. It's no different. It's pretty obvious that it's been on the internet for a long time. And unless Stamford's superintendent goes by the profile name "michael_54", it's pretty clear that this isn't him in the recording.

I grew up in Greenville, Texas, about 50 miles east of Dallas. Just about everyone who grew up there knows the two things Greenville is famous for: the sign, and the church burnings. For the better part of four decades, a sign hung over downtown Greenville, which read "Greenville Welcome: The Blackest Land, The Whitest People". (Image here) That sign has been gone for more than 40 years, but the stigma lives on today. It certainly did in the summer of 1996, when an arsonist burned two predominantly black churches to the ground. The KKK and Black Panthers gathered at our courthouse simultaneously. It was an ugly time, and even though I was only 10, I knew something was horribly wrong in my hometown.

I bring this up not because I believe the same thing will happen in Stamford, but because I know how quickly things like this can escalate. And they become much, much worse when garbage like this ringtone comes into play.

I've never been to Stamford. I don't know anyone from Stamford. I've never met the superintendent, or anyone who may be an enemy of his. I don't know why someone would say that's him on the recording, or that there's the possibility that it's him, or that would lie and say it's him to discredit him. And I hope that residents there can get to the real root of what's bothering them. But as long as wild accusations like this ringtone are being thrown around, that just can't happen.


  1. Why are you sticking up for him?? HAVE YOU HEARD HIS VOICE BEFORE?? It sounds EXACTLY like him, I am 100% sure that is his voice..I'm sure the school staff, and him know too. And, even if it was a "Ringtone"..how does he know this "Ringtone", and what the heck is he doing listening to it/downloading it... that is a racist thing either way.. but I think they really need to do a full investigation. A lot of people are upset. I wouldn't be writing this if I wasn't upset, and if I wasn't completely sure that wasn't him, I mean come one, Go on youtube and type in Brad Lewis, compare the voice to the song.

  2. If it wasn't him, It does sounds exactly like him,

  3. There is now way this is Brad Lewis! As far as how he knows it's a ringtone, it doesn't take a brilliant person to know to go straight to the internet and search. I also searched and found the EXACT ringtone which can be downloaded! If this is Brad Lewis and a so called person has it recorded on their cell phone, why hasn't this person come forward!!! That speaks volumes to me....IT DOESN'T EXIST!

  4. "And, even if it was a "Ringtone"..how does he know this "Ringtone", and what the heck is he doing listening to it/downloading it... that is a racist thing either way"

    He know it's on the internet because the accusations started in early June so he has had time to research it. And the reason for research... maybe to prove his innocence. I would be listening and researching to clear my name. Sounds like a case of guilty until proven innocent.

  5. People are sure quick to use the word 'racist' these days. The NAACP thrives on it's use. Maybe they should invite Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to Stamford.... then the whole world could really see what true racists are. The true racists are outsiders trying to stir up trouble, not the citizens of Stamford.

  6. This is nothing more than an immature attempt to discredit a man that didn't hire your "buddy" as the new high school principal. You know who you are and you are an embarrassment to this town and everyone that knows you. I will no longer be cordial towards you (the one who started this and I know who you are) and the ignorant few who have the brazen stupidity to assume they "run" this town and will impose their will as they see fit.
    I applaud Mr. Lewis for taking a stand and doing "HIS" job, not yours, and filling the position as he sees fit. And I hope he sues your slandering backside.

  7. okay, if he actually did sing this song...when did he sing it? What is the real story? Would Chico even allow a song like that to be sung at his house? I highly doubt it. If the answer to the first question is, recently, then here is a link to the recording on youtube, which, was posted one year ago.


    I played the recording from the news story and this song at the same time. They are the same. So if he were the one to have sung it, recently, then why has it been on the internet for over a year? If someone tries to counter with, well he sings just like that, is not a good argument. I have heard singers sound like other singers. Watch American Idol and you will see it happens all of the time.
    I do not know the whole story, but I sincerely hope that people will see through the lies to the truth. We do not need this in our town.
    Whoever started this rumor should be ashamed. Not only did they hurt one person's reputation but the school's and the whole town's. You have turned people against each other and brought others into the matter, when they should not have been needed at all. It is not right. I do not like the song. It hurts to hear it, and it hurts more to know someone would say anyone from our town would sing that.
    Also, why are there not any witnesses for it? Why would someone choose to record it then give tapes out? It all seems a little suspicious.
    I am not a big fan of Lewis. Nor do I know everything about him, but when things are just not right, I feel the need to say something. This does not just stand for him, but for everyone this recording has offended.
    I really do hope that this will get sorted out, and people will let it go. Yes the song is bad, in fact I hate it, but we cannot assume that it is someone based on a recording. If it were indeed his voice, then why not record a video? Why choose just the audio? With all of these questions, one has to doubt that this rumor is true at all. There are to many holes to confirm anything. We need to stop focusing on this. Let us not be divided over this matter, instead, let us work together to make a better community for the students and everyone else.

  8. it was him singing.

  9. You are a moron, and it was not him singing. And for the few who don't know it was Josh Murphree that started all this. I can hear the gasps now. Almost everyone knows this, let's just get it out there and stop beating around the bush about it. You may like him and if you disagree with him then tell him. Anyone that would go through the trouble of making the cd's that he did and handing them out to the school board deserves to be questioned on it. I mean if you are so convinced that it was Mr. Lewis that was on that ring tone then stand up and say so, let the whole town know it was you. But you won't because you lack the courage of your convictions. And let us not forget the "source" of the alleged recording. Reliable? doubtful. Poor poor Josh was handed something he wanted to hear and believed it hook line and sinker. And the poor idiot lacks the reasoning capabilities to decipher fantasy from truth. Perhaps he is mad at the school system that obviously GAVE him his education, or more correctly allowed the ignorant simpleton to graduate.
    I have certainly lost all respect for that boy, and I feel so sorry for his dad. The best thing he can do is to come out, admit he was wrong, apologize profusely, ask for forgiveness and pray we can move on. It will not be easy, but if he has the testicular fortitude he can make it through this. For myself, I have never cared for him and I have known him since he was a child, I assumed since he had married he may have grown up, obviously I was wrong.
    So, now all the cards are on the table. Everyone knows the whole story. You may have to read a couple of post prior to this to complete the picture, but the question is what do we do now? I know what I would do and I hope he does the same. And for the community, let your feelings out. How would you like to be wrongfully accused of something like this. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were put in Brad's shoes. Question everything and stop being sheep believing every rumor you hear (consequently rumors are usually started for personal gain and vindictive acts). Stop acting like children, agree to disagree on some issue's and work for the greater good of humanity. Else you might be the next MORON of Stamford Texas.