Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preview of the News

There was a problem with the closed-captioning device on KTAB Daybreak this morning. That meant that you could see the words on the teleprompter as I rolled it. We have a goal of looking about six words ahead of what we are saying. It's a skill we try to develop over the years to keep from getting surprised at what we see as we deliver the news. That also meant that you could see the stories coming up before we actually got there. The words on the screen didn't always match the words you heard coming out of my mouth...or the video showing up on the screen. Another thing it meant was that you could see the TV style I use to write the news. For example, 3:30 PM looks like THREE-30 IN THE AFTERNOON on the scripts. We use all-caps for TV scripts. I know it looks like screaming on E-Mail, but we were writing in all-caps before E-Mail was a glimmer in anyone's eyes.
Closed-captioning is a great tool for people who have trouble hearing the TV broadcast, but it's a little bit disconcerting it you're not used to it. Our engineers are working to get it fixed...hopefully before Noon-Tab.

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