Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mayor, Here's Your 15 Minutes of Fame

If you see a message or tweet that "the mayor is checking out city hall for additional burglaries," you're going to check it out. Right?

I came across a tweet from an employee of First Baptist Church in Snyder today saying just that. In my head, I figured the church must have been broken into...and for some reason, the mayor of Snyder was checking to see if the same bandits broke into city hall.

Yikes....not so....

The dispatcher told us the twitter user in question was Jim Drake. Drake apparently takes part in a "game" of sorts on (this is the first I've heard of that site). On first glance, it looks like a social media version of "The Sims." Anyway, he's the mayor and his city hall is the church.

Confused? So was I!!!!

I would've kept this strange turn of event to myself, but then Drake decided to blog about it. Apparently, someone at the police station called to tell him about our message....and probably asked him to quit calling himself the mayor (and speaking in third person!).

I thought I'd share his blog post so you can see things from his side as well:

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  1. Yep--I'm the Mayor of FBC (according to foursquare) Foursquare is locational twittering that allows you to tell people where you are and what you are doing. Also allows for tips and comments so people can find the things that you find interesting.

    We have a had a rash of car burglaries and break ins around town lately. I loved it that my twitter caused some attention on a 'city problem". And for that "the mayor" is grateful for the watchful eye of local police and media.

    Social media is alive and well--even in Snyder, Texas.