Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Been Real, Abilene!

To set the mood, you should probably be playing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey in the background.

Ready? Alrighty then...

Most of you don't know me because I work behind the scenes of KTAB, so will you truly care about this blog? Highly unlikely. Either way, I'll start by saying that my name is Hope and I'm from Baltimore (that's a pretty busy city up north somewhere). My family moved to Texas in my teen years, so I lived in the Dallas area for a while (kind of a slower pace of life than Baltimore).

When I graduated, I moved out to Abilene to start my career as a TV producer. I had NO IDEA where this city was until I had an interview here, so I was not expecting very much when I moved here. (It also didn't help that I was a city girl moving out to the country).

In my several months in Abilene, I must say this city has proved me wrong. Who knew Abilene had a mall and a Wal-mart? But the most memorable thing about this city is how nice everyone is. It's not that "well bless your heart" mess that bigger southern cities practice. It's a genuine "I'm nice because I dont' know how else to act."

Everywhere I went, someone would spark up a conversation or want to help me out. I could never go to a store to "grab something real quick" because the cashier would always hold me up to give a personal product review of whatever I was buying. Even when I went to the movies, another moviegoer asked if I wanted something from the concession stand because she was headed that way. Are you serious? In Baltimore, I'd be lucky if that lady gave me eye contact.

So as nice as this place has been to me, I must be moving on to the next city. I'm headed out to start another producing position in Waco. I guess that means I'm moving to a slightly bigger place, but that doesn't mean I could ever forget about Abilene. It wasn't home, but it was still good to me.
The people, the coworkers, the tranquility...couldn't ask for a better place to make my start. Now that I'm leaving, I just want to say thanks for the stay and welcoming me so warmly.

So farewell, all! And who knows....this may not be the last you hear of me ;)


  1. I'll miss you dearly Hope!!!

  2. If we're talking Journey songs here, shouldn't we be talking "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"?

    We'll miss you Hope! Good luck in Waco!

  3. David WinchesterMay 4, 2010 at 7:58 PM

    Hope, I don't know you. But I totally get the big city kid in little ole Abilene vibe. I was raised in Portland, Oregon, granted that's no Baltimore but its HUGE compared to Abilene. This is acutally the second time I've lived here. Its a special place, as I'm sure you realize. Someday, I hope we'll be welcoming you back to your 2nd home. :)

    David Winchester
    Abilene, Texas

  4. Whaaaaat?! But I subscribed to YOUR blog! You can't leave! Your blogs made my day. They were so funny! Well, maybe you'll blog in Waco... :)