Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Computer Problems

I started back in the dark ages. I was doing radio news in the late 1970's..more than 30-years ago. We used notebooks, tape-recorders and telephones. NASA had computers. The military had computers. The closest we had were clocks that flashed the red numbers instead of the big round circles. I got here this morning, and the computer didn't work like it usually does. For young reporters, that's not a big deal. They just right-click this and left-click that and get it working. For me, that's a big problem. If it doesn't work the old way, I'm about as lost as last-year's Easter Egg. I'm here almost by myself with a long newscast to prepare, and it's all on that computer. I'm sure that the morning doubled the strands of gray hair. I guess that's the good part. Computers are only good if they work right. By the way, thanks Chris for showing me a way around that problem and helping me get the newscast on TV. It's great to have the help of these young people.

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