Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon and Kate: Who Do You Support?

We all usually try to remain impartial in the newsroom. We’re journalists. We don’t take sides.

Unless, of course, we’re debating the growing rift between reality television stars Jon and Kate Gosselin.

That’s an issue we just can’t keep silent on.

I wasn’t one of the 9.8 million people who watched the season premiere of “Jon or Kate Plus 8.” I forgot about it! So, I was one of the few million that likely watched last night’s encore presentation.

I hate to admit it – but I was on the edge of my seat for the entire hour!

Throughout the years this show has been on TV, I always felt Kate Gosselin mistreated her husband. Usually, it was barking orders at him. However, it now looks like she’s telling him how to live. Jon is a passive fellow. I’m guessing Jon kept all his frustration inside and then finally exploded. Was he in the wrong? Sure. Did Kate deserve it? No…no one deserves it. Did she ask for it? You bet!

I, like millions of others, will be glued to my television set for the rest of the season. Do I feel good about watching it? No. I worry about the kids. But like a train wreck, it’s difficult not to look.

Hopefully, this will be the last season. We’ll just have to wait and see…


  1. I have to say that I hate Kate. She's an RN but hates the sign of blood. And the way she orders Jon around, I wouldn't doubt it if he decides to get away for a while. I know he is great father to his kids but Kate just wants the publicity. She is putting this TV show in front of her family. Jon wanted peace for a while but no...Kate wants more. Now they own a $1.1 million home? Come on! That right there shows she is in it for the fame.

  2. think of the children! SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

  3. It is just plain sad

  4. They both need prayers and support right now!

  5. Kate is a control freak. She thinks that since she was the one carrying those kids, that it is all about her. She is money hungry and greedy. I think that Jon is a good guy and deserves a lot of credit. Kate is the problem. She needs an exorcism.

  6. Yes, Kate is nuts!!!

  7. Here's how I see it. In the season 4 finale Jon said "I don't want to do another season." Kate said "We'll see" and shot him a death glare. So he has two choices: be forced to be on TV just to live in his own home, or spend time away from his wife and kids to get a break from the cameras.

    In my mind, he "cheated" by spending time with another woman even if it didn't cross physical lines. H(ear that, Austin?!) But Kate literally drove him out of the house by going against his wishes, so what's a guy supposed to do?

  8. Jon knew who he as marrying. Kate is a control freak, but it didn't happen overnight. He knew all this going into that marriage. Jon needed to be a man 10 years ago if he felt Kate was too controling. He made a vow to stand by that marriage through thick and thin and the first sign of trouble he's bailing out.
    Austin how can you say Kate asked for it? By being a strong woman? By standing her ground? Sure, she can go overboard, but she didn't ask for her husband to walk out on her and the family!

  9. I agree with Laura.
    It's either that or mostly a publicity stunt. I mean how awesome has this been for the ratings? I read a rumor that there might be a J&K+8 movie in the works. . .if thats true then this is all a publicity stunt and the movie will be about redemption.
    Reality TV Shmeality TV

  10. way to finally step up Jon. She treated him sooo bad. if i ever treated my spouse the way she did I coldn't blame him for finding someone else. now she can get what she really wanted a show about ME, ME, ME!!!!!

  11. Both are to blame of course - Yes Kate is a control freak, but Jon never stood up for himself, so he was basically telling her that it was OK for her to act that way.

    And they are BOTH to blame for choosing this show and the new careers it has brought about rather than canceling the show and trying to work things out for their children.